A Chef Who Understands Food Allergies at Bondir Restaurant in Cambridge

It was one of those nights I’d been anticipating for weeks. As someone who truly appreciates good food, I anxiously awaited a dinner date at Bondir Restaurant. My date, an ultimate foodie, made us dinner reservations at the intimate farm-to-table style Cambridge, MA restaurant. It had been on his bucket list. He was already familiar with the chef after having dined at a restaurant of his before.

Prior to that evening, my date sent Chef Jason Bond an e-mail with my chef card attached and inquired if he would be able to accommodate my food allergies. Chef Bond responded with appreciation for the forethought and encouragement that he would be able to safely prepare each tasting dish. This calmed the nerves of my date as we were dining out for the first time. Although he knew how to prepare a safe meal for me, he felt unsure about relying on others to do the same.

We arrived for our 8 p.m. reservation and were seated at a cozy corner table. The ambiance of fireplace and candlelight in the restaurant gave off the perfect air of tranquility for a new food adventure. The wait staff had been educated about my food allergies, the ingredients and preparation of every dish. Calling this forethought impressive would be an understatement. I don’t remember ever experiencing a staff that was quite so knowledgeable. Needless to say, the service was exceptional. Each server was kind and personable and not once did I feel like my food allergies were a burden to anyone.

When the bread arrived, I made my usual assumption that it would not be safe. However, the server explained that it was safe for me. She listed what was in it, that it was made by the chef, and that I had nothing to worry about. I could try both breads safely with homemade butter. For someone who rarely eats bread, and close to never at restaurants, this was just the beginning of an enchanting evening of indulgences.

Chef Bond is a culinary artist; each dish was carefully cultivated with shapes, colors, and intricacies more likely displayed in a gallery than on a dinner plate. Each course was creatively eye-catching, but also fresh, flavorful, and delicious. It is clear that Chef Bond puts his heart and soul into cooking and prides himself on his work.

Bondir far surpassed our expectations. Chef Bond not only accommodated my food allergies, but reworked the entire menu to make every tasting dish safe. This included bread and

dessert; two foods that I never have the opportunity to eat. It was a spectacular evening thanks to a chef who truly understands fine dining and making it accessible to the food allergy community.



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