The Disclaimer

This website shares my stories and tips from years of personal experience; childhood to adulthood with life-threatening food allergies, environmental allergies, and asthma. is for general and educational purposes, as well as to provide support to allergy individuals and families. I am not a medical doctor or allergist, and although I have a wealth of information from personal experience, I am not providing medical advice. Any tips, suggestions, or information I provide is not intended to replace medical advice from a professional. For medical concerns, please consult your doctor or allergist.

As a personal coach for food allergy individuals and families, I provide lifestyle coaching for living the day-to-day food allergy life as well as preparing for travel adventures, both close to home and abroad. As stated, I am not a doctor or allergist. For medical advice, please consult your medical physician or allergist.

Any brands that I mention on social media are because I enjoy these products and often purchase them myself. I am occasionally offered to try products, but I am not paid to do so. I want my readers to be aware of products that may be helpful to them which is my sole motivation to mention brands.