Italy Travel With Food Allergies

Italy with food allergies

Italy travel with food allergies is possible and after years of living there and traveling back often, I have helped hundreds of families travel safely to Italy with food allergies. Italy is one of the top places to travel in the world and one that is frequently asked about among food allergy travelers.

Living in Italy with food allergies was easier for me than living in the U.S., Australia and some other areas of Europe. Food is a significant part of the Italian culture and overall they want visitors to enjoy the experience.

Language barriers are typically not a huge issue in Italy. In any touristic area, English is commonly spoken. For dining out, it is still important to use a translated chef card. Especially with a peanut and tree nut allergy (among many others), I am very specific about what I put on my translated chef card.

Below are my blog posts from Italy travels with food allergies that have accumulated over the years. To get my most updated suggestions and recommendations, make sure to schedule a 1:1 travel consult. In a consult I can help with suggestions to include on your chef card, some of the best areas to visit, restaurants I’ve enjoyed and anything else you need guidance with. I am not a travel agent, but I am an expert traveler with 30+ years of travel experience, including over 3 years living in Italy and many visits back since!

Traveling to Italian Cities in Italy with Food Allergies




  •  Traveling to Milan with Food Allergies


Italy is located in southern Europe. Rome is its capital city. Countries neighboring Italy include France, Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia.

Italian is the official language of Italy. Each region has a different Italian dialect.

Make sure to bring an Italian chef card to dine out in Italy.

The Euro is the official currency used in Italy. You can easily get Euros at any ATM (called a “Bancomat”)

Emergency phone numbers use 118 and 112