Cafeteria Boston- A Favorite Food Allergy Friendly Dining Spot

Part of my routine when moving somewhere new is to find food allergy friendly dining spots that I enjoy venturing to.  After living in Italy for so many years,  I had my neighborhood bar, restaurant, grocery store, etc.  It was much more challenging to find that coming back to the States.  When I moved to Boston’s Back Bay neighborhood, I was on the lookout for restaurants that would kindly cater to my allergy safe needs and remember who I was.  Restaurants that I could rely on when I needed a night out after a long day at work or a reliable spot to meet friends for dinner.  After a few months of scouting out the scene and trying a number of different restaurants, Cafeteria became my favorite and most reliably safe spot.

It didn’t take long to get to know the manager and chef.  After just a few visits, they knew my chef card and soon my name.  The manager, Steve Tsolakis, was always warm and friendly when I came in to eat, and the chef, Antonio Perez, would often bring my meal to the table and reassure me that everything was safe.  The consistent peace of mind and friendly faces were not only what drew me to Cafeteria.  The food is also excellent!  When you live in a touristy part of town, you can end up spending a significant amount of money on a not so delicious dinner.  When I first began my restaurant quest, I would often end up at a restaurant where the manager could only identify a salad or a burger without the bun as a safe choice.  Too much money was spent and I would leave feeling disappointed because I am a foodie at heart!  Cafeteria is everything those restaurants were not!  Although I moved to a different part of town, I still find myself visiting Steve and Chef Antonio whenever I am in the neighborhood.  If you haven’t been to Cafeteria Boston, I highly recommend it!

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