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In case you missed my post on Facebook…

Dear Food Allergy Family,

I posted a photo earlier this week from rowing Division 1 in college. I love that it inspired parents to share about their own kids and I want this space to be a place for that. This is for everyone to see that we allergy kids can find ways to safely do it all!

Since May is Food Allergy Awareness month, I wanted to find something to contribute that was focused on empowering kids with allergies (adult kids, too). I have created this group and hashtag ‪#‎EmpowerFAkids‬ for kids and parents to post photos showing empowering allergy moments. The goal is to show that kids with allergies can be and do anything! I am hoping some of the older kids with allergies will inspire some of the younger ones. It is only for posting the “yes we cans” and showing this through photos with captions. I know that food allergies can be tough, but I want this space to be used for the successes. I can easily say that my successes have outweighed my struggles and I want all food allergy kids to feel that same way!

I am going to post a weekly photo challenge, so please share and get the word out. This should be fun and hopefully inspirational for us all!

This week’s photo challenge is: “_______ makes me smile.”

I’ll get us started… : )

Xo Allie Bahn (a.k.a. Miss Allergic Reactor)




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