Dating Someone Who Gets Food Allergies

I have finally met someone who seems to actually fully grasp my food allergies. Someone who just “gets it” without having to explain myself again and again.  It amazes me how well thought-out he is about what we eat and where we eat. He looks at ingredients before he buys food he is planning to cook for me. He makes reservations and calls ahead when we go out to dinner. It is amazing to finally find someone who doesn’t need constant reminders or everything written down.

For over the past four years I dated someone who although I know tried and certainly did care, did not truly understand my allergies initially. He knew the routine. He knew what he could and couldn’t eat, and he would be careful when he cooked for me, but it took almost a year to really all sink in. It was frustrating, and his family was even worse at understanding. For some people it just takes time, patience and education to comprehend the severity of food allergies, but too many people still don’t understand. I have dated both the “comprehenders” and the “naive pretenders.” The “comprehenders” get it. They don’t usually need reminding, they just know what needs to be done and they do it. The “naive pretenders” are the ones who say they understand, but in actuality often forget and don’t know what the term “life-threatening” means.

When I find a “comprehender” it is amazing because it is such a rarity. This guy I have been dating is a comprehender, which makes everything we do revolving around food that much easier!

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