My Mom’s Second Post: Allergies & Make-up

“Stunning!” These words slipped out as I took in my daughter’s entrance. This day was long in coming. What a sweet moment I was savoring!

A few weeks ago, I had asked my adult daughter why she never used make-up when going out. She mumbled something about how she hated when women felt a need to change their natural appearance. I paused a minute… then commented on her meticulous attention to her hair; her way with jewelry accessorizing; or her fun belly button piercing. I probed a bit further…after all wasn’t make-up (especially on a night out) a fun accessory? It was then that I GOT IT!!! With a very long list of life-threatening food allergies, every trip to a fancy restroom, a hair salon, or a spa required an exhausting review of all ingredients. The world of make-up was just as daunting!!!

After my daughter communicated her desire to explore the world of a beauty counter and its products….we set out to have a safe adventure together. We communicated with a wonderful young woman in Nordstrom. She was natural looking and had a patient demeanor. She listened attentively and the next two hours were PURE FUN! It was at store opening time, and we were able to have a wonderful chunk of uninterrupted service. The process involved new test brushes, new samples, and repeated examination of ingredients. Several suggested products had to be rejected, and other alternative products recommended. The session ended with a nice sale for our saleswoman, hugs, ….and so much fun!!

Seeing my daughter at anytime is a delight, whether she is in workout clothes with her hair in a ponytail, or we are heading to an event together. She is ALWAYS beautiful!! But now she can have the same choice as other women…to choose whether to go au natural OR to accessorize with her lovely little bag of safe make-up products. SO SWEET!


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