My Top Five Food Allergy Travel Tips

As a frequent traveler, I have specific routines that I follow in preparation for travel. Here are my top five food allergy travel tips to guide you on your next adventure!

Travel Tip #1: Research, Research, Research
It is always important to do some serious googling before deciding on a trip. Although I have lived abroad for years and traveled the world, I still do my fair share of research before heading off on a new adventure!  After I complete my research, I can make a judgment whether I feel comfortable or not with where I am hoping to go.  I have been successful in finding ways to match my comfort level with anywhere I want to go.

Travel Tip #2: Plan Ahead
Once I’ve decided on my destination and booked my flight (which is part of my research process- knowing my comfort level with the airline I choose), it is time to plan the rest of the trip.
This includes what kind of accommodation to stay in. I often choose apartments over hotels to give myself the option of cooking. It really depends on the trip and what is most needed as far as food availability. Make sure to look up the name and address of the closest hospital, as well as the emergency numbers (if you are traveling internationally).  It is always better to be over-prepared. Don’t forget to look into what you want to visit while you are there!

Travel Tip #3: Pack With Awareness
What do you need to make sure you bring or travel with when it comes to your child’s food allergies?  If you forget a sweatshirt, you can always find another on the go. The same is not true when I comes to food allergies. Do you have extra prescriptions? Do you have a doctor’s letter stating that you should carry multiple Epi-pens, inhalers, etc. in case you are questioned at the airport?  What safe snacks should you pack?  There is a lot to keep in mind when packing, especially making sure all medicine is in your carry-on luggage and you have plenty of hand wipes!

Travel Tip #4: Before You Leave, Eat!
I know when you’re busy packing and have a million last-minute things to do, food may not be in the forefront of your mind. When it comes to those of us with food allergies, remember we don’t know when we’ll find our next safe meal. No matter how early or late your flight is, feed your allergic reactor something warm and substantial. Packing snacks is always important, but they can’t replace a warm meal in your stomach.

Travel Tip #5: Smile. You are off on an adventure!
You’ve researched, you’ve planned, you’ve packed, you’ve fed, now it is time to relax and enjoy!  Of course with all travel, being adaptable is essential, but you should feel confident in knowing that you’ve done what you needed to do and now it is time to relish in the journey ahead!

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