Top 10 Allergy Travel Packing Essentials

Want to be as prepared as possible for traveling with food allergies? These top 10 allergy travel packing essentials are my most used travel products at home and all over the world! *There are a few snack favorites that I recognize may not work for everyone but are my ‘go-to’ snacks for my food allergies.


I’ve been using PracMedic Bags Epipen Carry Case for years now. I love that it is insulated and can fit multiple epipens or Auvi-Q and my inhaler. It does take up a good amount of space in my purse, but I can still use a fairly small crossbody bag with no problem!


Before I eat anything, I always clean my hands. If I am traveling, bathrooms are not always easy so I appreciate having Wet Ones Wipes to clean my hands of any allergen proteins.

I make my own food allergy chef cards that I keep in my PracMedic Bags Epipen Carry Case

If you want to learn more about my cards and how to use Chef Cards, I suggest taking my Chef Card Mini Course.

If you need Chef Cards translated, I suggest you get them from my friend Kyle Dine at Equal Eats.


I like to bring a portable container with me, especially for oatmeal or Mac and cheese. Having a Collapsible Bowl like this makes heating up food easy.

I always keep some snacks on me. I love MadeGood Chocolate Chip Granola Bars. They travel well, are top allergen-free and taste yummy.

I love traveling with packets of 88 Acres Sunflower Seed Butter to put on fruit or crackers. It is free of the top allergens and doesn’t look like peanut butter. It was the first seed butter I ever tried.


Between environmental allergies (thank you, feather blankets) and general uncleanliness, it is nice to have the option of a Sleeping Sack. They are lightweight and squeeze into a ball. If you are staying in hostels, these are also a packing essential.

Most hotels these days tend to have feather pillows which is why these Pillow Protectors are a major help. I wake up feeling allergy-free instead of irritated, sneezy, itchy and sometimes even asthmatic.


I’ve used packing cubes for many years now, but these Compression Packing Cubes are by far the best ones I’ve ever had. Not only do they compress the clothes but each packing cube has a spot to add a label. In the past, it was sometimes difficult to decipher which clothes were in which packing cube. I always wished they had labels and tried creating my own with little success. I can’t recommend these enough!

These Travel Zipper Pouches are useful for many things. I pack snacks, extra toiletries, and so much more with them.They’ve lasted for multiple trips abroad and domestically.

*This is the first time I am using Amazon affiliate links ever on my blog and I would really appreciate if you would use my link to checkout so that I can continue to provide you with more of my favorite products. Thank You!


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