Touche Bakery- My First Nut Free Biscotti!!!!

One of the greatest feelings for an allergic reactor, is being able to find safe new foods to try! Last spring Allan Swartz e-mailed me from He had read my blog and thought I would be interested in sampling some of his nut free products. Of course I was interested! A few days later a big box was awaiting me when I came home from work. I looked at the return address. It was from Touche Bakery in Ontario, Canada! I was delighted to try my first nut free biscotti!

I opened the box to find two assorted boxes filled with many different flavors of biscotti, another box filled with the extra cranberry biscotti (which turned out to be one of my favorites), and a box of Snowball cookies. On each box, it very clearly stated that they were made in a peanut and nut free facility. It was wonderful also to be able to try something I have never been able to try before! It was my first experience with biscotti. They were excellent too! Fresh ingredients, sweet, crunchy, and very delicious! Although these sweets are more appealing to adults, everything that I tried was wonderful, and certainly worth checking out!

For those of you lucky individuals who are not allergic reactors, this may not seem like such a big deal, but trust me, it’s HUGE!! Let me try to put you in an allergic reactors shoes…

Pretend this is you: Day in and day out you go through the day seeing delectable treats in bakery windows, coffee shops, the grocery store, and even at friends’ houses, but every time, no matter what, you can’t try it. Imagine that you can’t have your favorite desert! You can see it, but you aren’t allowed to taste it. Imagine you are at coffee and you want something to eat to go with your coffee, but there is NOTHING that you can eat.

It is hard to imagine, and I know I am not doing a just explanation of how it feels. I will continue to think of ways to describe the difficulty and frustration at times. I just want my readers to understand how AMAZING it feels to be able to try new foods and not have to worry about a reaction. It is the best feeling!  Thank you Touche Bakery! Today I feel lucky!

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