48 Hours in Chicago with Food Allergies

The Conversation

“Want to go on a weekend adventure somewhere?  Looking up last minute flights and deals,” I text my sister before school on Friday.  A few seconds later my phone buzzes with an enthusiastic “YES” and off she goes with last-minute planning and researching!

Does the Airport Count?

Even with all of my many food allergies, when it comes to travel I love spontaneity!  Some of my best trips are unplanned, which is why I was so enthusiastic when my sister decided to join in (since she usually likes to plan to every last second of a trip months ahead).  Neither of us had left the confines of the Chicago airport before, so Chicago was a perfect weekend destination.

I was at school all day (and anyone who is a teacher knows that even during “lunch” there is not usually a second of down time), so my sister booked everything.  She is an excellent planner; fastidious with finding the best deals with the most value, and is also allergy aware.  My sister put a note about our nut allergies on our United flights and asked for a “pet free” room at the hotel. Yay, sissy!

How is Chicago with food allergies?  See our adventures…

Chicago in Photos

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  1. Miss Allergic Reactor

    Hi Kim,
    It was a fabulous weekend. There is restaurant info in the photo gallery. Let me know if you have any more questions! It is such a great city. We loved it!

  2. Looks like fun! Where did you eat – we have a trip to Chicago next month!

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