Allergy Free Weekend Away in Nantucket

My island home is 30 miles off the coast of Massachusetts. I decided to go to Nantucket and visit some friends for the weekend.  Before I left there were a few questions that I asked myself:

• Are there any pets at the house where I am staying? No.
• Do I have extra epinephrine, antihistamines, inhalers, and environmental allergy meds? Yes.
• Do I have a few copies of my chef card with me (it’s always in my purse)? Yes.
• Is there any food I want to bring with me in case I can’t eat? Not on this trip.

Since I know this destination well I felt confident that I would find food that I could eat there. That is why I decided that it wasn’t necessary to bring food with me.  I was actually looking forward to getting food from all my favorite places on the island.

Lunch Time

When I finally arrived off the ferry it was already close to lunch time. My friend picked me up and we drove to get our favorite sandwiches at Something Natural. There was already a line out the door when we arrived.  My friend Jamie said, “We should have called in our order.” I knew for me though it was much easier to order there and watch how they made my sandwich, instead of having to explain my allergies over the phone.

“Can I please have a turkey sandwich on Portuguese bread  and can you also please make sure the person making it knows I have a peanut, tree nut, fish and potato allergy, so to make sure to change their gloves. Also please have them make sure it is put directly onto a plate and not onto the counter, and cut with a clean knife. Thank you!”  The girl taking my order was great. She wrote my allergies down and went over and talked to the girls that were making the sandwiches. They all changed their gloves when it was time to make my sandwich. I was glad they were being so careful.

Sometimes I feel bad that I have to make such a fuss of asking people to take all of these extra precautions so that I can eat but that is the only safe way.  With more education in the food and restaurant business, people are becoming more cooperative and supportive about food allergies. I didn’t have one problem all weekend eating out. It is also an island that is used to tourists and dealing with high maintenance individuals. However, I still think that more education is starting to get around little by little.


Favorite Sweet Tooth Spot

My next food experience was later that afternoon at The Juice Bar. This fabulous ice cream shop is a “must go to at least twice in two days” type of place because it is so good!  When I ordered my ice cream I said, “I have a nut allergy, can you please use a clean scoop and clean the area of the ice cream?”  The guy waiting on me did even better than that. He took the Ben & Jerry’s approach, and not only got a sterilized scoop, but also went in back to new ice cream to make mine.  Perfect!



That night, a group of us went out to dinner at The Brotherhood. I ordered a grilled chicken sandwich. I gave the waitress my chef card (which always seems to be both a surprise and relief to servers, since they don’t have to write all my allergies down, and can easily show the chef, but also because many times they haven’t seen one before). She went back to the kitchen and told me I was all set. I made sure to specify that I could not have fries or anything else that came on the side besides the lettuce and tomato. When the food came out, mine had fries on the side. I explained again that potato was one of the allergies I had, and that they couldn’t just take the fries off the side. I needed a new sandwich.  The waitress went back to the kitchen.  She came back out a few minutes later apologetic and saying that the chef also apologized and that they were making a new one now. No worries! As long as they understood I needed a new one it was okay, and they did. When I eventually got my food, it was great, and certainly worth the wait.



The next morning we went out for brunch at The Downyflake. I ordered scrambled eggs and toast. I told the waitress my allergies, and had her double check the cooking oil. I had been there many times, but no matter what, I always check.  An easy meal with no problems!


Ice Cream, Take Two

I went back that afternoon for my second ice cream of the weekend. This time I had a high school aged boy who seemed to be new at the job. When I ordered and told him about my allergies, he took a spoon and tried to clean off the top layer of ice cream. Luckily, the other guy that was working took over from there. Phew…

All in all, it was a fabulous allergy-free weekend away eating all my favorite foods. Happy girl : )




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