Trust Yourself (For the Allergic Reactors)!

Dear Allergic Reactors,
This post is dedicated to you.

There have been numerous times I have saved myself from having an allergic reaction. I get a feeling in my gut, a big red flashing NO sign in my mind, and I know not to eat. This gut feeling is momentous! It is a clear sign to me that if I feel uncomfortable eating something, I should not be eating it. It does not matter how good it looks, or how comfortable your family, friends, or the people at the restaurant are that it is safe. If I feel uncomfortable eating it, I don’t. No one is forcing me. That is why it is crucial to be comfortable enough with yourself to say no to something when it doesn’t feel right.

There have been a few situations that stick out in my mind, where I needed to be able to trust myself.
When I was ten, I went on vacation to Cape Cod with one of my best friend’s, Ariel, and her family.  We went out to dinner one of the nights we were there.  I ordered a burger, because it seemed to be the safest food on the menu.  The waiter said that he would make sure it wasn’t cooked near any fish.  I asked him also to check the ingredients in the rolls.  When our food came out, I asked if the roll was okay.  He said there were no ingredients on the package, but he was “sure” that it was fine.  I wasn’t “sure” that it was fine though, and wouldn’t eat my meal.  I felt bad that I was wasting food, but more importantly, I felt confident that I was making the right choice.
When I was a freshman in high school I went to Disney world during February vacation with my best friend Sara and her family. We went to the Italian restaurant in the Italy section in Epcot. We ordered, and I told the server about my allergies. He had the manager come over, who explained that I should not eat any of the olive oil because it was infused with a nut oil. The manager was extremely helpful and we were able to figure out what I could safely eat.

In April that same year my family decided to stop at Disney on our way to another part of Florida. We went to the same Italian restaurant in Epcot. When I ordered I asked the waiter about the oil. He said it was fine and insisted there were no nuts in the oil. My parents agreed it was fine, even after explaining to both about my experience there in February. I decided I didn’t believe my parents or the waiter, and refused to eat. I said we needed to ask the manager, and insisted the manager come over. I just knew. I felt this knot of anxiety in my throat. It turned out I was right. The manager was glad I had brought it to his attention. After this experience I think my parents became even more aware of my strong sense of independence, responsibility, and confidence in myself. I took control of the situation. I made my own decision. I saved my own life. “Phew…” is more of what I thought. Close call number one thousand! You as an allergic reactor need to learn to trust yourself and feel confident with the decisions you make. You can do it, too!

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  1. I can “see” when something had allergens in it, with out being able to explain how.

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