She is Still My Food Allergy Mom

“Ugh, I am so full! My stomach hurts,” I complained in the car yesterday afternoon on the way to the airport with my parents. My mom made an early dinner that was the size of a mini-Thanksgiving feast so that I wouldn’t be hungry on my trip back to Italy.

My mom had made a squash soup that was delicious. I had some of it before we left the house for the airport. When I announced my stomach pains in the car, my mom started to panic thinking maybe there was something in the soup. I guaranteed her that it was not an allergic reaction but that I was truly a piglet, eating way too much! My mom called my sister at home anyway to have her double check an ingredient. Of course it was fine but sometimes there are certainly some scary moments of second-guessing.

Since I don’t live at home, my mom doesn’t have to be as careful with ingredients as she would be if I did. Very rarely does she second-guess what she puts in something she makes me, but she is human, she is my mom, and it does happen.

I want to share this so that you moms out there know that even as we allergic reactors get older, it is still natural to second-guess and worry about us and our allergies once in a while. My mom almost never seems worried or concerned about my allergies but every now and then something triggers concern. Even though I know my mom is always careful when I am around, I know that sometimes she forgets that I am in my twenties, always double checking everything I put in my mouth, and therefore she shouldn’t worry. I may be in my twenties, but she is still my mom. Love you, Mama!



  1. My son has a milk allergy (along with peanuts, tree nuts, and other legumes). He has never felt left out until this year (third grade). I also have a blog: where I share the terrible/sad story. It’s under blog posts, then “food allergy bullies.” Kids can be very mean sometimes, even with the new character education in schools.

  2. Thanks for this post!! As a mom to a kiddo with allergies, it was a nice read.

  3. I just starting readin your blog and it is very interesting. I have an anaphylactic reaction to pine nuts and about anything else from pine sort of trees (juniper berries, essential oils from pine trees, etc.). I developed that in my early twenties and had no prior history of food allergies. It was an interesting change, but all in all it was good cause I eat much healthier now. My daughter (3.5 years old) is allergic to dairy. She never seems to mind except when people make a big deal out of how awful it is that she can’t have things.

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