No Food Allergies In My Dreams

The other night I had a dream that I was able to eat tree nuts without an anaphylactic reaction.  It was the strangest allergy dream that I have had!  Usually, when I have a dream I still always have my same allergies. This was the first time where I was actually eating nuts in my dream without a reaction.  I do remember in my dream feeling nervous, wondering why it was okay that I could eat these nuts all of a sudden.

When I woke up I was perplexed by the dream.  How come I could eat nuts in my dream and why now was I suddenly having a dream where I was physically eating nuts and it was okay?

I suppose part of me is always hoping that a cure will come. A time when I will be able to eat tree nuts and any of my other allergens. Envisioning life where I have the possibility to try anything I want to try. The feeling of walking into a bakery, pointing to something delicious, and being able to eat it. I know it sounds strange to non-Allergic Reactors but that feeling is unimaginable.

I continue to hope that someday I will experience this dream as a reality.


  1. Hi Lindsay,
    Yes! I definitely agree! I don’t know that I could either, but it would be nice to not worry about it at least!

  2. I know the exact feeling you described of just being able to walk into a bakery & order whatever you wish! Maybe someday! Although, if there was a cure, I don’t think I could bring myself to eat nuts again. It would be nice to not worry about cross-contamination, though!

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