Gelato In Italy With Food Allergies

Gelato in Verona

Can you safely find gelato in Italy with food allergies? This question comes up frequently with clients and it is not a simple answer.

There are many factors to consider and each gelateria is different. Some understand cross contact but many don’t. It is also not usually clear how they process the gelato and how they sanitize in between flavors.

Although my considerations below focus on peanut and tree nut allergies, many of them also apply to other food allergies.

What I consider when ordering gelato in Italy with food allergies:

  •  If I see that there are lots of loose containers of nuts on the counters or cone displays with peanuts around the top, I don’t risk it because of potential cross contact. 
  •  I try to avoid gelaterias that don’t have individual scoops in each flavor container.
  •  I stick to fruit flavors only and I look for a gelateria where the fruit flavors are separate from the other flavors. I’ve never found safe chocolate in Italy and I do not trust any chocolate flavors.
  •  I explain my food allergies and ask if they can scoop it from the clean area of the gelato or to scoop underneath the top layer.
  •  I trust my gut and if it doesn’t feel right, I don’t eat it.

Gelato is probably the riskiest food that I eat because of the potential for cross contact. It is definitely important to trust your gut with this one. If it doesn’t feel right, then don’t risk it.

Watch me order gelato here and follow along on my adventures! 

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