International Travel Allergy Packing Guide

Preparing to travel abroad with food allergies this summer? These products are my most used and have traveled all over the world with me. Some of these items are for allergies specifically, while others are just personal favorites from a frequent traveler!

For the Airport & Plane

Sleeping on airplanes could be more comfortable but this Airplane Travel Neck Pillow definitely helps. I won’t use the pillows and blankets that are provided by the airline because of potential allergen contamination, so I substitute with this on long flights. 

Especially for those long flights, I am truly grateful for Bose Wireless Bluetooth And Noise-Cancelling Headphones. If I ever feel anxious on a flight, I can easily zone out to an audio book or music and calm my nerves. 

Ever since having an asthmatic reaction on a flight, I’ve carried a Vogmask Particle Filtering Face Mask in my carry-on bag just in case. Since masks are a new normal, wearing a mask on a flight doesn’t seem that unexpected anymore which is nice and gives me some peace of mind in case my allergens are nearby.

When I travel to other countries, I like to have a wallet with two zip pockets. I can then switch the currencies out more easily and keep track. I like this RFID Slim Leather Wallet also because it is thin and fits easily into my purse.


I’ve been using PracMedic Bags Epipen Carry Case for years now. I love that it is insulated and can fit multiple Epi-pens or Auvi-Q and my inhaler. When I am traveling to more remote areas, I take two of these with me, so I have extra as back up.

I like to bring a portable container with me, especially for oatmeal or Mac and cheese. Having a Collapsible Bowl like this makes heating up food easy.

It’s important to remember that when you travel internationally, countries have different plugs, so having an adapter is important. I like this BESTEK Universal Travel Adapter because it has multiple ports so you can charge your phone, watch, etc. Side note: It does not work for hair dryers and I would not suggest packing a US hair dryer to bring abroad.


Travelpro Carry-on is my usual luggage of choice. I’ve used the same carry-on for at least 8 years with no issues. It spins well, fits all of the essentials and has helped up through countless trips around the world.


I love my Thule Backpack, especially since I am always traveling with my computer. It is well-made and can hold all the essentials that I need for the flight including my extra medications and food. It also has side pockets for my water bottle or anything else I need to quickly zip in securely.

If I don’t end up using my backpack, I usually end up packing my Vera Bradley Travel Duffel Bag. There are lots of nice colors! I just prefer black or grey, although I do have a really nice floral one but they don’t make it anymore. Duffel bags are great because there is tons of space to fit anything you need. This includes all of the snacks, wet wipes, extra medications, and so on.

I’ve used packing cubes for many years now, but these Compression Packing Cubes are by far the best ones I’ve ever had. Not only do they compress the clothes but each packing cube has a spot to add a label. In the past, it was sometimes difficult to decipher which clothes were in which packing cube. I always wished they had labels and tried creating my own with little success. I can’t recommend these enough!

Last summer I started using an Apple Airtag for my luggage. With so many people back to traveling and strict baggage regulations on many airlines, it was good to have in case I needed to check my suitcase. If I end up checking a bag, it is often for extra safe food and snacks, so I want to make sure I can always locate my bag in case it goes missing!

These Travel Zipper Pouches are useful for many things. I pack snacks, extra toiletries, and so much more with them.They’ve lasted for multiple trips abroad and domestically.

Between environmental allergies (thank you, feather blankets) and general uncleanliness, it is nice to have the option of a Sleeping Sack. They are lightweight and squeeze into a ball. If you are staying in hostels, these are also a packing essential. 

Most hotels these days tend to have feather pillows which is why these Pillow Protectors are a major help. I wake up feeling allergy-free instead of irritated, sneezy, itchy and sometimes even asthmatic.

*This is the second time I am using Amazon affiliate links ever on my blog and I would really appreciate if you would use my link to checkout so that I can continue to provide you with more of my favorite products. Thank You!

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  1. Miss Allergic Reactor

    Allergy cards are great! I have a Greece blog post and you can also look up highlights on IG. Always happy to help with a 1:1 consult, too. :)

  2. Kristen vlahopoulos

    Traveling to Greece with my 17 yr old son with sesame and tree nut allergy! Any tips
    Got allergy cards .

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