Miss Allergic Reactor’s 10-Year Anniversary Post

It is official. I have been writing Miss Allergic Reactor for ten years!

In honor of turning ten years old, I am going to do “Top Ten Lists” for my blog posts with themes throughout the year, along with other ways to celebrate being in double digits (that was always a really big deal to my fourth graders). :)

This task was actually more challenging than I anticipated. Deciding on only ten favorites when there are a few hundred is pretty difficult. I tried to choose the ones that I remember enjoying writing the most and ones that were most meaningful to me. I’ve given a little summary of why I chose each one.

I have a more reflective blog post coming out next week to sum up my thoughts on this ten-year journey and a thanks to those that have helped me along the way. Today’s focus is on the actual blog posts though. If you haven’t been following me for all of these years than it is pretty likely you haven’t read each of these posts, so check them out!

I’ve also learned that if no one is reading them, then they aren’t helping anyone. This means that if you read something and connect with it, others might also. Share! Please help me help others. Thanks for the love and support as I continue this blog-writing journey. Now, enjoy! xo

My Top Ten Favorite Posts with Food Allergies

    1. My First Entry- July 27, 2008  How could I not include my very first blog post ever? You may also notice the changes from this very first entry to ones that are more recent. I was a very young twenty-something when I started this journey. :)
    2. What is an Allergic Reactor? Although not exactly a blog post anymore, it used to be. It explains where this name originated and what it means. It may or may not be exactly what you think!
    3. The Star of the Show I blog for parents, but number one, kids. The allergy kid is always who I write for and I remember writing this post thinking how I hoped allergy kids would read it and know there is so much more to them than their allergies!
    4. Meeting Georgina This post was probably one of the most emotional ones I’ve shared. I had never met anyone who had lost a child due to food allergies. When I met Georgina and she kindly shared her story with me about her son Giovanni, I just kept thinking how this could have been me or any one of us. I remember calling my mom and telling her about Giovanni and meeting Georgina. It was one of the most memorable experiences I’ve ever had and I feel thankful that Georgina has been so loving and open about sharing her experience with our community and continuing to raise awareness. She’s a special lady! <3
    5. My First Time Kissing with Food Allergies How can I not include this one? :) I take the reader back to a Friday evening in 1996 where a conversation ensued between my mom and I with my anticipation of playing “spin the bottle” at a party and being unsure what to do with my food allergies.
    6. Finding the Food Allergy Positives I am all about the positives and in this blog post I share that although there are moments where I wish I could partake (like eating dessert at a restaurant or bakery), I focus on the positives and find the silver linings.
    7. Top Five Takeaways Traveling to Italy with Food Allergies  As you know, Italy is my European home! I receive questions about traveling to Italy on an almost weekly basis. I’ve helped numerous families travel there safely with chef cards translated, etc. This post is from last summer when I was there.
    8. Using Chef Cards for Food Allergies at Restaurants This is a popular topic that I get asked about frequently, which is why I write and post about it often. Chef cards are one of my biggest tips! P.S. There is also a video in this post of the server who was very appreciative of the chef card.
    9. Teaching Confidence to Discover the World I’m choosing this one because it is full of important reminders- for parents and for myself. The food allergy life is a journey and giving your children the tools to be independent, face their fears, and live their dreams is one of the best gifts you can give them. Thanks mom and dad! xo
    10. Three Ways to Be Amiable Yet Assertive With Food Allergies We walk a tight rope all the time with food allergies. Being assertive is important but so is being kind. I’m choosing this one because I think it is full of useful tips and examples about how to stay friendly while also asserting your food allergy needs.


Which of these posts are your favorites? Share in the comments. Thanks for reading and following along!


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  1. Love each of these!!!

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